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Sun Country Airlines - Comforts and Safety Plus International Hospitality

Eleventh largest carrier of the USA known to offer highly subsidised options - Sun Country Airlines is where you will make the choices of flying in comfort and in ultimate league. The US commercial carrier is a legacy to provide the best services and dignity. Flying to new places with the Sun Country and travelling around the world is extremely enjoyable and seems like a gift. Nothing allows the travellers to discover Iceland like Costa Rica, the United States, and the world from inside to outside as Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country is a contract cargo operator working for Amazon Air, and this means secured and safe air cargo transfers. The airline is operating in domestic as well as international destinations touching across 81 terminuses in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc.

Impeccable Inflight Amenities

Entertainment or food, Sun Country carrier is class apart and completely distinctive in nature. Passengers will have the advantage to shop and compare world class entertainment and then watch them live on the personalised electronic gizmos. The entertainment is quickly accessible through the AirFi wireless fidelity system. The passengers is not going to gain the connectivity to the internet.

Sun Country onboard entertainment system is comprehensive and sumptuous in several ways. The passengers will make the choice of music, gamers and awesome TV shows, besides, there many other entertainment formats available too. Passengers don’t have to face the impromptu hassles due to sheer power loss. Most of the seats on the Sun Country Airlines are provided by high quality USB charging ports. These ports are continuously backed by the power a making the charging easy and streamlined.

Delectable Food Options Onboard

Flying onboard Sun Country Airlines is about enjoying amazing foods. And these foods are an ideal mix of continental and, European and Asian foods. Passengers also have the opportunity to enjoy free coffee, tea, and even water too. Passengers have the choices to buy high quality snacks and even wide range of exotic drinks. The seat pock has an updated menu of food items being offered. The delectable opportunity is indeed a winning retreat for the passengers.

Online Check-In/Airport Check-in

Sun Country Airlines give its prospective passengers with online check-in facility over the domestic and international flights. The ticket counter offer Non-US residents the advantage of buying the boarding pass. Bookings are carried out at the Sun Country online check-in page. Passengers also have the option to schedule Airport Check In.