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Southwest Airlines – Experience the Balancing act of Entertaining Journeys

Southwest Airlines contracted as the Southwest is principal airline of the United States and the world's largest low-cost carrier. The international carrier located in Dallas, Texas is offering scheduled flights to more than 100 destinations with connectivity to at least 10 countries. Since the year 2018, there are more domestic passengers who have travelled on Southwest Airlines than any other air carrier.

Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines started as the Air Southwest Co. and in 1971, it began working as a complete intrastate airline nestled in the state of Texas, and connecting the flights between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Regional flight services of Southwest Airlines between the states became operational in the year 1979, which later expanded to 45 different states touching the tourist destinations in Central America.

Rolling Hub Construction for Flight Connectivity

The exclusive business model of Southwest Airlines is more deep-rooted and it is even fascinating to a certain extent. The model gives an advantage to the travellers to engage checked baggage absolutely free. The fresh new hub model is functional and supplied by a strong fleet of Boeing 737 jets. During the top business performing days, Southwest Airlines undertakes more than 4,000 departures each day. The unique point-to-point system integrated with the rolling hub networking ensures smooth flying, innovation and great flying. Southwest Airlines maintains a macho fleet comprising Boeing 737 NG / Max, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-MAX 7, Boeing 737-MAX 8 and many more.

International Destinations

Southwest Airlines runs scheduled flights to more than 100 destinations spread across 42 states, and a few of these include Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. There are low airfares custom designed for the destinations in the tropical and the international beach destinations. The excitement aligned with air journeys begin to develop and become better ever after.

Entertainment and Enjoyment: Inflight Experiences

Southwest Airlines incorporates state of the art technology and it uses amazing Wifi system that provides absolutely free live streaming sessions, where the passengers can easily listen to melodious music, latest flicks besides utilising the App messaging. Since the year 2018, the carrier has brought capabilities like the inflight TV, new age messaging services like the iMessage and WhatsApp, besides the instant flight tracking facility provided through the Wifi internet of the satellite broadband of the Global Eagle Entertainment. Southwest Airlines is a big game show that values up and give passengers completely invaluable inflight involvements.