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Qatar Airways - Enterprising Hospitality and Enduring Inflight Experience

Qatar Airways Company flying as Qatar Airways is a national carrier of the Qatar State, centred in the Qatar Airways Tower, in Doha. The carrier is professionally managed and destined to offer impeccable flight services, which are class apart. The range of services gets connected directly to international destinations like Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. The primary operational hub is located at Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways has a strong and growing fleet of over 200 aircraft with strong membership and alliance holding to Oneworld Alliance. In fact, Airways became the top-rated Persian Gulf Carrier for signing the agreement with existing airline alliances.

Attractive Livery with Promiscuous Statement

Qatar Airways has an imprinted Oryx and it is a brand new livery. Oryx, the unique species of antelope, is the national animal of the Qatar State. The text “Qatar” appears as Al Qataria, and epitomised in form of an Arabic Name settled nicely in the smart burgundy hue against the shades of the nimble grey background on the left and the right sides on the frontal part of the fuselage.

Qatar Airways and the Agreements on Anvil

Qatar Airways entered an agreement with IAG Cargo, wherein the cargo airline will begin the flight operations for the company by using a highly advanced and innovative Boeing 777F. This agreement has taken Qatar Airways to the top in terms of cargo flight operations.

Cargo Movement and the Qatar Airways

Boeing 747-8F and Boeing 777F are on the list of premiere aircrafts, offering a strong backbone to Qatar Airways Cargo. In fact, the airline's freight branch is evolved as the 3rd biggest international cargo carrier. In the month of June 2009, there were committed cargo flights managed and flown from the Cairo International Airport. The flights were an extension of the scheduled passenger trips to domestic and international destinations.

The US-bound cargo offered by advanced Boeing 777 freighter aircraft began cargo transportations with the leading flight from Doha and landing at Chicago-O'Hare with a small halt in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the year 2015, a designated Boeing 777 Freighter service started with a frequency equal to two times a week and became the fourth freighter touchpoint in the US. The freight flight touches the tarmac in Los Angeles.

Mused and Charming Travel Experience

Travelling the world in comfort and experiencing a qualitative way of life while journeying on Qatar Airways, will create ultimate value. These travel experiences are worth every moment.