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Lufthansa – The Dynamic International Airlines with a Global Reputation

Deutsche Lufthansa AG contracted to Lufthansa, is an amazing flag carrier of Germany, and the biggest one in terms of the flights flown to international destinations. Combining Lufthansa with its principal associate members has leveled up the airlines as being the second biggest entity. The international carrier is ranked among the top-notch and the five founding associates within the Star Alliance. The airline company carries with it an attractive slogan - “Say Yes to the World,” and this shibboleth is true to the character of Lufthansa. The airline is truly German and holistically European in its form and service.

Registered Offices and Headquarters

The registered office and its corporate headquarters of Lufthansa are situated in Cologne with the pivotal operational point located at Lufthansa Aviation Centre, which is also known to be the primary hub. Lufthansa’s secondary hub is located at Munich Airport and this is the place where the German commercial carrier maintains its secondary Flight Operations Centre.

Apart from the mainstream flight services offered by Lufthansa, the air carrier is supported by secondary carriers like Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and the Passenger Airline Group by the name Eurowings. Deutsche Lufthansa AG also holds the ownership of Lufthansa Technik besides the LSG Sky Chefs, both of which are part of Lufthansa Group. The air carrier has a strong force of 700 aircraft, which ensures the betterment of flying operations.

Headquartered in Cologne

Lufthansa owns the corporate headquarter, which is gleaming and amazingly attractive. The headquarter is designed by utilising the state of the art construction technology. The carrier is operating in the Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport, with departments comprising Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.

Subsidiaries of the Frankfurt Airlines – Empowering the Commercial Flying

The potential airline subsidiaries working with Frankfurt Airlines has crossed more than 550 and its affiliates are just growing by leaps and bounds. The network comprises many service companies, point-to-point airlines, and the potential network of other European and Western airlines.

Lufthansa Airlines – The Comfort with Space and Tranquility

Short-haul flights or the long haul flights – comfort, life, and tranquility is always there while flying in Lufthansa Airlines. And this likewise comes as an ultimate truth for the Economy class. With Lufthansa, flying is not only about flying, it is the experience that seeps into your thoughts slowly and gradually.

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