Book And Fly With JetBlue Airways


JetBlue – Comfort in Air on Subsidized Cost

JetBlue is the leading budget air carrier in the USA, which is in service for more than 20 years. Since it is a low-cost airline, travelers who are on a shoestring budget can also think of buying a budget ticket on the airline and dream of taking the journey to their favorite destination. The airline was formed in Delaware in the year 1998, and had an original name as ‘NewAir’. JetBlue received 75 slots at JFK, while the formal authorization from the US government came in February 2000.

Initially planned to be Called Taxi

The airline was originally planned to be called a “Taxi” with the livery painted yellow to represent the characteristic NY Taxis. The symbolic meaning behind it was to show that the airline had proud existence in New York. However the name was later changed for many reasons, and one of them was that the Air Traffic Control had problems with the name “Taxi” since the name had been used several times.

The airline developed an advantage over its competitors in the low-cost segment as it was already offering better and superior amenities. The fascination of budget travelers towards entertainment became predominantly effective after JetBlue embedded a TV on every seat. Moreover, radio was also provided, which had several popular broadcasting stations.

Passengers, irrespective of their ticket price and the cabin preference, were offered snacks including soft drinks and these were complimentary in nature. In terms of comfort, JetBlue crosses all limits as it serves more legroom space than any other low-cost airline. The ultimate purpose behind it had been to provide customers with a relaxing and endearing journey without making any compromises on comfort.

Way to Upgrade Onboard

Passengers had always been of inherent value for JetBlue and in this process, the airline offered them the advantage to pay for substantial snack boxes. If the passengers desired extra legroom then they could also have it for a little extra price.

Maiden Flight to Buffalo and Fort Lauderdale

JetBlue made its first maiden flight from JFK Airport that connected Buffalo and Fort Lauderdale. The airline planned and was successful in starting coast-to-coast flights. In addition to everything else, the airline provided low-cost convenience to its passengers. JetBlue in its present-day connects every big and small city in the US.

A policy of No Flight Cancelation

JetBlue has always been hard on its No Flight Cancelation ever since it began its operations. The carrier has stuck to this policy except in 2007 when it did not become air-borne due to climactic factors.