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Emirates Airlines – Multicultural Airlines with an International Luxury

Emirates Airlines is the biggest airline in the Middle East, and among the two leading nationalized air carriers (apart from Etihad) of the United Arab Emirates with the headquarters located in Garhoud, Dubai. Emirates Airlines is an established subsidiary of The Emirates Group, the property of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. The airline is operating in over 150 cities across 80 countries and touching the lives of 6 continents and strengthened by the whopping fleet of approximately 300 aircraft of varied types and build-ups. All the cargo activities of Emirates Airlines are managed by Emirates SkyCargo.

Variety of Aircraft and Luxury

Emirates is the proud owner of different aircraft that come in various designs and build-ups. The Emirates Super Jumbo Airbus A380 is provided with onboard showers, whereas the Boeing 777 has First Class amenities without a shower and a bar. The Airbus A380 is a double-decker and has more than 500 seats with a 3 class variation and plenty of room to add luxury and world-class comfort along with exquisite styling.

For all good reasons, Airbus 380 offers brand prominence to Emirates, which has no less than 100 of these special Super Jumbo Jets in its fleet. The airline is also among very few international carriers, which is only using wide-body airplanes, which comprises A 380 and the Boeing 777. The airline carries the world in its airplanes, and this eventually makes it feel very special and offbeat altogether.

Versatile and Multicultural Cabin Crew

Emirates Airlines is known for its multicultural hospitality, and this is the reason for it being classy and topping the charts when it comes to serving the interests of the passengers. The cabin crew of Emirates is drawn from 12 different nations, who speak between 9 and 18 languages. Since UAE has expat domination, a part of this domination is clearly expected in Emirates Airlines. Of the total 20,000 cabin crew, the majority of them are from the UK and this is certainly not any surprise for the fact that there are 20 flights running between Dubai and the UK. The rest of the cabin crew includes expats from Australia, Egypt, India, and the Filipino.

Emirates Airlines is the fascination and the pride of UAE in the air. The extent of hospitality served aboard the airlines is invaluable and designed keeping in mind luxury, necessity, and entertainment. In the end, passengers get all the comfort aboard.