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Delta Airlines – Traveling the Places and the Wonders of Life

Delta Air Lines, Inc., popular under the business name Delta, is the premier major airline located in the United States and the carrier that created value and led to the development in commercial flying. Delta is known to be among the very few first-born airlines with head office in Atlanta, Georgia, and extensive association with companies and the local affiliates, and this also includes Delta Connection. Delta Airlines flies to more than 325 destinations across 52 countries spread over six continents. Being one of the key members who had established SkyTeam airline alliance, Delta Airlines has carried its reputation a long way.

Delta is not only about the airline or flying only. It carries with it a history of developments and accomplishments and successes one after another. The airline began its operations under the name The Huff Daland Dusters in the year 1924 and operated an exclusive league of being the premier commercial agricultural flying.

Enhancing the Entertainment and Adding Value to Customer Service

The airline was among the first to bring revolution in inflight entertainment as it transformed the entire film format onboard into the video format. Delta Airlines incorporated its complete transatlantic L-1011 fleet into the video-ready format long ago in the year 1980.

Delta Airlines earned its milestone in 1997 and became the first airline for boarding over 100 million passengers annually. It was also the first airline for starting the onboard recycling program. The carrier introduced the in-flight Wifi to keep inside the mainstream fleet of 2008. In the year 2011, the carrier played a critical role in allowing the customers to keep the track of the checked bags.

Sky Club – Delta Airlines

Delta’s Sky Club works on the strategies to create the coziness of a home like your own home when you are traveling. With facilities like the complimentary Wifi and the Satellite TV network, travelers have the advantage to feel completely occupied within the flight. Travelers can now spruce up themselves in the state-of-the-art bathrooms, which are replete with soft and warm towels, shampoo, as well as hair driers. There is always a life high up there in the thin air, besides the clouds.

Hubs and Services

Delta Airlines is managing nine hubs, with the biggest hub located in Atlanta. The airline is established on the 69th position in the Fortune 500 and acknowledged as the biggest carrier on the basis of the size of the fleet, number of passengers carried as well as the revenue passenger-kilometers flown.