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Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines Limited is the official air carrier of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Jamaica and Guyana. The airline is commandeered from Iere House in Piarco, with regular flights connecting to the Caribbean, South America, and North America. Known to be the biggest airline in the Caribbean region, it feels the pride of traveling to the majority of international destinations.

Caribbean Airlines is among the very few airlines that have worked incessantly in keeping the brand besides ensuring the dignity of its operations. Humming Bird is the logo of the brand, while the blue, green, and purple colors unite together to create a sophisticated symphony. The tail design of Caribbean Airlines is embellished with the steelpan, cricket balls, fruits, corals, besides other aquamarine animals, and psychedelic butterflies.

The shibboleth - The Warmth of the Islands stands to the testimony of Caribbean Airlines. The air carrier brings together the comfort of flying lying under the warmth and temperateness. In its heydays, Caribbean Airlines started the flying operations carrying forward a huge fleet of as many as six Boeing 737-800 line of aircraft apart from a single Airbus A340-313, with a direct flight to London, Heathrow. The air carrier maintains a classy interior, plenty of walking space, and exquisite hospitality. The kind of flying experience offered onboard Caribbean Airlines is value for the money.

In-flight Entertainment

Quality entertainment always goes with memorable and spectacular journeys. Caribbean Airlines has realized the superlativeness of this statement and brought impeccable in-flight entertainment under the title - Caribbean View. This is an exceptionally gripping wireless streaming service offering access to different forms of channels like hilarious TV shows, streaming action movies, suspense, and melodramatic movies. With Caribbean View service, passengers can also enjoy high-quality gaming, accessibility to popular travel magazines, and plenty of dedicated Caribbean Content made available through Bluebox Aviation Systems.

In-Flight Comfort

Caribbean Airlines is giving passengers the comfort of flying, saving money, extra legroom besides the free meals. Being onboard the airline is not about being resolute on the idea of flying, but being in an ultra-composure. Specialized seating arrangements are provided for the children and infants. There is a quite state-of-the-art loop belt on board for strapping the infants. There is the permission of using the car seat at the time of take-off, landing, and to balance the flow of air turbulence. The airline has created comfortable living spaces to ensure that journeys are made to last.