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British Airways

British Airways (BA) is the official carrier of the United Kingdom, centered in London, England, in the proximity of its principal hub at Heathrow Airport. The airways is registered as the second biggest UK, only lying before EasyJet, with regards to passengers traveled, and the size of the fleet of aircraft managed. British Airways is the principal instituting associate of the Oneworld Airline apart from the Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Qantas, and once operational Canadian Airlines.

In the year 2011, it has British Airways entered an agreement with Iberia to bring up the biggest International Airlines Group (IAG), which is registered in Madrid, Spain. It has emerged as the third principal group with respect to the yearly earnings while being the second in the league in the European continent. The airways came into existence in the year 1974 after the establishment of the British Airways Board, under the aegis of the British government for overseeing the management of two nationalized airline companies vis-à-vis – British European Airways and the British Overseas Airways Corporation as well as the two provincial airlines named Northeast Airlines and Cambrian Airways. Flying with British Airways gives passengers the classy feel plus exquisite comfort. Passengers feel the joy of living the exceptionally hilarious moments of their lives.

In-flight Entertainment

British Airways understands entertainment from a variety of perspectives. There is exclusive content designed for children, adults, and the older age group, and available for viewing on long-haul flights. CBeebies, Cartoon Network, and Disney channels are available on board apart from the cartoons and creative shows designed around the theme of children, British Airways is offering entertainment worth raising the spirits in the air. Disney Library provides a wide range of dramas and shows from seasonal favorites, and these are complete family entertainers. The onboard audio broadcasts include light-hearted bedtime stories and the intellectual iMinds Jr. with mixes of ultra-music chores, which help the children to lie down on the cozy beddings on their long-haul flights.

In-Flight Comfort

There is no comfort in flying if that comfort is not treated well and righteously. The long-haul flights of British Airways offer its passengers the food and bar service as the complimentary takeaway. The airways is also providing the advantage of liberal hand baggage allowance allowing passengers to carry with them a handbag or the laptop plus the cabin bag. Besides, there is a personalized flat screen available on every passenger’s seat for a splendid entertainment show all the time.