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American Airlines

Centered on Fort Worth, in the Texas area and encircling the fabulous Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is a truly American and the biggest air carrier in the entire globe due to its highest passenger mile, an enormous fleet of state of the art airlines, and the passengers traveled in a year. The excessively huge network of American Airlines has wide-bodied and narrow-bodied airlines that have the capability to provide more than 6,500 flights on a daily routine schedule to approximately to over 300 destinations and touching more than 50 sovereign nations of the world. The airline is also an establishing member of Oneworld Alliance, and this is undoubtedly the third powerful alliance in the aviation industry.

The local airline service of American Airlines is managed by many supplementary carriers, which have conglomerated under the American Eagle. American Airlines and American Eagle are operating domestic and international flights from 10 hubs, and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) is indeed the biggest hub for these integrated airline groups. It was in the year 2013 that American Airlines underwent the merger with the US, but retained its brand name for the reason that its popularity has already made an indent in the world aviation. The airlines have a well-connected international and domestic route for serving all types of climates.

In-flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment provided at American Airlines is amazing, astronomical, and out of the blues. There is a stream of library movies with fresh movies added up regularly. Besides, there is also a wide range of Music and TV shows listed and available for viewing instantly. All flights of American Airlines are fitted with Wi-Fi systems, which ensures impeccable in-flight entertainment. It is equally interesting to find the passengers glued to their flat and immersive screens to watch movie previews and much more.

In-Flight Comfort

Passengers get much-ameliorated experience on the long haul flights. The airlines also offer a personalized and befitting experience to long-distance flights. In the case of the flights flying under 900 miles, there is a complimentary service of non-alcoholic beverages in the Main Cabin, including juices, and canned drinks. There is no alcohol, snacks or food served in this cabin. First Class cabins are offering a full beverage package where alcohol is also offered. There is a comfy seating facility available on Boeing 777-300 in business class. The design of seats is such that they lie back and are relaxed in a lie-flat bed. Passengers enjoy immense privacy.