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Allegiant Air – Small yet Significant Domestic Carrier to Rely Upon

Allegiant Air is a USA-based commercial airline, it wasn’t always known to be Allegiant Air. The airline was incorporated in 1997 as WestJet Express, but eventually, there happened to be a dispute in the trademark as the result of which Allegiant Air came into being. Allegiant Air is situated in Sin City, Las Vegas, and it also sponsors the local hockey team named “Las Vegas Golden Knights.” Next time you hear about Las Vegas, you don’t begin drooling around the ideas and speculations of Boozing, Casino Gaming, Nightlife, and the life which is wildly enriching. It is the fifth biggest commercial carrier operating in the USA in terms of the route network. Allegiant Air has the 11th position for its whopping fleet size, while it has earned the rank of 10 for the number of passengers handled. Allegiant Air has always shown itself to maintain a positive balance sheet, symbolic of the fact that the carrier has been running in profits for many years. In the year 2020, it came up with at least nine fresh non-stop routes, which also included the San Diego to Las Vegas trip.

Largest Departure Hub – Las Vegas

Allegiant Air has Las Vegas as the first and indeed the largest hub for transporting the passengers out and into Las Vegas. The McCarran International Airport is the principal trudging ground for Allegiant Air. It is this airport from where the passengers usually board the Allegiant Air and fly to several destinations across the USA with prominent ones like Florida, Nashville, Phoenix, Denver, and many more.

Allegiant Air Operates from 7 Commercial Airports in Florida

The air carrier is usually having a strong presence in the Nevada district, it also has significant prominence on the eastern coast, especially the coastal Florida. Allegiant Air has 117 airports located in the United States, out of which 7 are present in Florida only.

Hotels and Hospitality

Allegiant Air is not only offering domestic flight services, it has ventured into the field of hotels and hospitality as well. The air carrier has already planned to construct the fancy-pants resorts, branded as Sunseeker in Port Charlotte, Florida. These resorts offer not only a pretty comfortable staying experience but also value for the money invested.

Finally, Allegiant Air is a completely budget-friendly airline that speaks of in-flight comfort and superior quality entertainment. Passengers may not find the world-class luxury, Allegiant Air is still one of its kind.