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Alaska Airlines – The Art of Being Comfortable and Joyous

Alaska Airlines is among the biggest air carriers from the United States with its location in Seattle, Washington. The carrier has four hubs that maintain routine operations. The four primary hubs of the airlines are located in Seattle, Washington (it is the primary hub), Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, California, and Portland, Oregon. Alaska Airlines is also rated as the best carrier in terms of customer satisfaction. The carrier has touched more than 106 cities in the USA with a total capacity of 164 planes.

Alaska Airlines started the operations in the year 1932 as “McGee Airways” and later the merger happened in the year 1934 resulting in “Star Air Lines”. The air carrier finally got its name – “Alaska Airlines” in the year 1944. It was among the very first airlines, which flew chartered flights to the Soviet Union. The ”Eskimo” logo of Alaskan Airlines rose to popularity. A brand new logo was introduced in the year 2016 and later a merger happened with Virgin America in the year 2016.

In recent years, owing to its exceptional hospitality and intriguing features, Alaska Airlines has transformed into more than just a commercial jetliner.

Strong and Diversified Flight Schedule

The US-based air carrier has a very comprehensive flight schedule that touches many destinations flying non-stop from the West Coast. The superiority of this airline has also risen and it is making scheduled flights to international destinations after merging with Virgin America.

Mileage Rewards Program – Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines introduced an innovative rewards program and this is quite rewarding in several ways. The passengers have the advantage to earn good points for every mile covered. The program is not based on the price tickets purchased by the passenger.

Those passengers, who carry with them the rewards card, will have a free companion pass each year shall have their favorite adventure buddy to carry along. The airline does not give the feeling to the passengers as if they are riding in the buses. Each and every passenger onboard Alaska Airlines feel on top. It gives the feeling as if they are being treated in a godly manner.

Flying with Pride

In the end, Alaska Airlines is not about flying, it is more about bringing the element of joy, comfort, and ease into the flying. This budget carrier takes care of its passengers more than anything else. The airline has more in its cabins as compared to other budget airlines flying the American skies.