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Air Canada – Offbeat Comfort and Sophisticated Hospitality in Air

Air Canada, established in the year 1937 in beginning as the Trans-Canadian Airlines was renamed Air Canada in 1965. It emerged as the largest commercial airline based on the fleet size besides the passengers transported across the countries and the continents. The regional service of Air Canada is known as the Air Canada Express and the service is operated from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. The largest hub of Air Canada Express is located in Toronto, at the Pearson International Airport.

Imposing Fleet and State of Art Aircrafts

Air Canada maintains an imposing fleet of models such as Boeing 777, Boeing 737 Max 8, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A330 besides Airbus A220-300 models. The carrier also runs many prominent subsidiaries, especially the cargo carriers like Air Canada Cargo and Air Canada Express and the private jetliner that runs chartered flights under the banner “Air Canada Jetz”. The all-time amazing leisure airline named “Air Canada Rouge” falls in yet another league of Air Canada, which provides elite class travelers with an umpteen fascination to undertake journeys permeated in pleasure.

First Carrier to Go Completely Smoke-Free

Air Canada institutionalized the No-Smoking culture onboard its domestic flights, and this ban was practiced as the leeway of the Non-Smoker’s Health Act in Canada. The ban was not put in actual practice on international flights for the simple and straightforward reason that travelers who are traveling from other continents if banned from smoking in the air may lead to heavy losses. This would put added pressure on the carrier as the result of which the economy could be in utter turmoil. Therefore, Air Canada put the smoking ban on its domestic flights only.

The First Airline to Operate A320

Air Canada is branded as the premiere airline to fly the Airbus A320 for its technical dominance. All types of in-flight amenities were provided onboard the Airbus. The choice of A320 also brought several political scandals during that time, but Air Canada had been the first in operating A320, and this is the real fact.

Unlimited Superior Quality Entertainment

The carrier was among the league of premier airlines to offer the lie-flat recliners in the business class cabins, and all of it was done to ensure comfort. There are also international travel magazines available onboard for travelers who have avid reading habits. Air Canada is a carrier with a difference and a great meaning. It is the choice made by travelers who like to travel in extravagance and grace.