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PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, stylized as Aeroflot is the national carrier of the Russian Federation. It is regarded as the oldest of international airlines, which is active and flying commercial flights even today. The head office of Aeroflot is located in the Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow. The international hub of Aeroflot is situated in Sheremetyevo International Airport. The international airlines continue to fly to more than 146 destinations across 52 countries.

Aeroflot is the first Russian Airline that has been associated with a SkyTeam in the post-Soviet scenario. 51% of the shares are owned by the government, while the rest of them are freely available for public buying. Aeroflot has the ownership of a budget air carrier named Rossiya Airlines, located in Saint Petersburg, Pobeda. Together with its subsidiaries, Aeroflot has 359 aircraft, with a fleet consisting of Airbus, Boeing, besides the domestic models constituting the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Besides offering its services as a commercial carrier, Aeroflot feels the pride to serve for the noble cause as it works as Air Ambulance. Its services like explorative surveys and aeromagnetic surveys and support for the offshore oil drilling platform have earned good recognition. The airline is using a Mil Mi-10 flying crane with heavy lift capabilities.

In-Flight Entertainment

Most of the fleet of Aeroflot comes fitted with creative and high-quality multimedia seatback screens. There is also non-interfering Wi-Fi access, which allows streaming in-flight Panasonic entertainment systems. And for those movie buffs, who want to catch hold of Drama, Action, and the Thrilling Events of their life while being in the air, Aeroflot has to offer it to you. There is special entertainment stored for the kids. They can easily download cartoon movies and innovative video games on their devices. It is round-the-clock entertainment, which does not stop until the flight reaches its destination. In the jet age, while you relax and enjoy the flight, Aeroflot ensures the passengers keep the drama and action happening.

In-Flight Comfort

Comfort comes with a class, and with the Aeroflot's Comfort Class, the truth in the statement is reiterated once again. This is a special class offered to the passengers who take the long-haul routes on either the Airbus A350 or Boeing 777 aircraft. Aeroflot has kept every little thing in its mind while allocating seat spacing. There is extra legroom space made available for the passengers, and this extra space helps in free mobility and movement in the flight.